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Engaging My Cultural Traditions at Christmas

Posted by Lisa Kotero on

December 16 marks the beginning of the Christmas celebrations in Mexico.  The celebrations begin with Las Posadas which is a nine-day celebration that ends on Christmas Eve.  Each night families gather together in different homes and reenact Mary and Joseph “pidiendo posada” or asking for a place to stay.  My family in the US didn’t celebrate Las Posadas but I do remember visiting my grandmother in Sonora, Mexico and seeing the reenactment take place in “La Placita” or the town square. Although we did not celebrate Las Posadas, our family celebrated the nine days before Christmas making tamales to give to our friends and family. As I become more engaged in learning about our beautiful culture I think I will blend these two traditions in the future. Here’s the link to my Pinterest Page  with recipes, crafts and ideas for a Mexican flair to your Christmas. 

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