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An Incredible Design Journey

Posted by Lisa Kotero on

What an incredible design journey this life has graced me with.  My name is Lisa Kotero and I welcome you to 

My inspiration for began on my first day back to California after living in Hawaii for over 20 years.

Hawaii offered me the opportunity to work on award-winning Asian-inspired interiors as well as Island-style designs both in Hawaii and in the Pacific Rim.  I’ve learned about the simplicity of Japanese architecture and the harmony of colors in island-style decor. 

Now that I am back in California I can truly appreciate the beauty of our Spanish Colonial history. is an exciting collection which I am filled with joy to be able to offer to you.  Our new Hacienda collection reflects the beauty and craftsmanship of the “Old California” heritage and are created with quality materials and value in mind.

Watch for our upcoming Spanish jewelry section and other exquisite gifts brought to you from a style and culture that both captivates and adds an elegant richness to life.

Love and blessings, Lisa Kotero

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  • Great story! Love your products and photo!

    John Parman on

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